Facials by La Vallée / Facials Collection
Juvenescence Facial

Juvenescence Facial € 150,00 / € 195,00 PER PERSON | 50/80 minutes

La Vallée Facial specifically designed for mature and devitalized skin. This ultimate anti-aging treatment will leave your skin totally regenerated, firm and supple. Fine lines and wrinkles will be smoothened for younger appearance.

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Caviar Essence Uniqueness

Caviar Essence Uniqueness € 185,00 / € 220,00 PER PERSON | 50/80 minutes

La Vallée Caviar Essence Facial offers a high-tech powerful formula with active ingredients of Exclusive Golden Spheres, Rhodochrosite – precious mineral and Active Cellular Protectors for visible results and aging prevention. This unique facial, using Caviar Extract, will instantly smooth, plump and firm your skin.

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Aftershave Treatment for Men

Aftershave Treatment for Men € 130,00 / € 170,00 PER PERSON | 50/80 minutes

La Vallée Aftershave Facial has been especially developed for men to combat the damage shaving can do. Using in-depth replenishing and rehydrating techniques, this revitalizing treatment rebalances the skin’s natural oils, allowing skin to regenerate and bounce back after shaving.

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Facials by Sodashi / Facials Collection
Nature Indulgence

Nature Indulgence € 190,00 PER PERSON | 80 Minutes

Deeply nourishing anti-aging pick-me up facial with warm Infusing Thermal Mask.

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Crystal Facial

Crystal Facial € 150,00 / € 180,00 PER PERSON | 50/80 Minutes

A unique anti-age, replenishing facial experience combining the benefits of Sodashi highly advanced skin care products with the healing energy of Carnelian, Rose Quartz and Green Adventurine crystals for optimal results. Specific lifting and toning techniques will improve skin texture, oxygenation and firmness.

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Marine Mineral

Marine Mineral € 150,00 PER PERSON | 50 Minutes

A journey of total renewal for excellent, anti-aging results with algae extracts increasing moisture levels, skin elasticity and collagen production. The skin will be soft, plumed with a natural beautiful glow.

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Pure Radiance

Pure Radiance € 140 PER PERSON | 50 Minutes

Ultimate bliss facial ideal for instant radiance, hydration and skin oxygenation, tailored according to individual skin type. Best for diminishing fine lines, restoring firmness, tone and suppleness.

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Eye Zone

Eye Zone € 110,00 PER PERSON | 40 Minutes

Hydrating and toning, reduces puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, soothing tired eyes.

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Stop & Relax

Stop & Relax € 90,00 PER PERSON | 30 Minutes

Mini facial to boost skin complexion thanks to Sodashi advanced skin care.

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Facials by Aromatherapy / Facials Collection
Rose Infinity

Rose Infinity € 140,00 / € 170,00 PER PERSON | 50 Min / 80 Min

Latest advanced research ingredients work at cellular level to repair ageing DNA, radically increasing moisture levels and collagen production. Wrinkles and lines are plumped out for a younger, smoother looking skin.

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Age Repair Facial

Age Repair Facial € 130,00 / € 160,00 PER PERSON | 50 Min / 80 Min

Effectively reduces the signs of ageing thanks to natural oils of inca inchi and larch extract which stimulate naturally collagen formation to deliver firm and tightened skin, improving suppleness and elasticity

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Hydro-Soothing Sensitive

Hydro-Soothing Sensitive € 130,00 PER PERSON | 50 Min

Ideal for reducing redness, soothing, deeply hydrate and for restoring firmness and radiance.

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Rose Natural Glow

Rose Natural Glow € 120,00 PER PERSON | 50 Min

A hydrating, revitalizing, oxygenating facial for replenished, healthy, glowing looking skin.

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Deep Cleanse Facial

Deep Cleanse Facial € 120,00 PER PERSON | 50 Min

A purifying treatment for oily and combination skin, ideal to help regulate sebum production

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Essential Man Facial

Essential Man Facial € 110,00 PER PERSON | 50 Min

A deep cleansing, brightening and hydrating facial with a relaxing scalp massage

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A.A. Vitality Facial

A.A. Vitality Facial € 70,00 PER PERSON | 30 Min

Express facial for a softer, smoother and more radiant looking skin

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Extraction € 30,00 PER PERSON | 20 min

Ideal to purify the skinthanks to warm vapour and soothing aloe flavour water

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